Course Accreditation

The Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage training course level 3 is accredited by several Professional Associations:

       CThA – Complementary Therapist Association

       FHT  –  Federation of Holistic Therapists and

       Think Tree Hub.


A Certificate of Achievement is awarded to successful Graduates and bestows professional qualification as a Practitioner of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Level 3.

This award is based upon satisfactory completion of:

  • 5 Case Studies of 3 Lomi Lomi Massage sessions each,
  • All the specified written Course Work,
  • Overall beneficial classroom learning and participation,
  • Basic understanding and appreciation of Hawaiian Philosophy and Principles.
  • Competence and confidence in performing Lomi Lomi Massage skills.



  • may purchase Insurance from a private insurance provider
  • or add Lomi Lomi as an extra therapy to any existing insurance policy already issued by a Professional Association that    covers massage. 


  • who joined the Course as beginners without previous therapy experience may apply for private personal professional insurance. This enables them to work as independent therapists in the private sector only. (Later, if they wish to join an Association to apply for Group Insurance, they may complete on-line courses in Level 3 A&P and Health and Safety from Think Tree Hub.)
  • who have already completed prerequisites of Level 3 Classical Massage, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, Health and Safety and Business Studies prior to the start of this course have the additional choice of joining one of many Practitioner Associations that offer Group Insurance Schemes for their Members.