Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Taking bodywork to new dimensions of subtle feelings, sensory awareness and inner experience…

A unique healing gift from the past…

 ‘The Wisdom of Paradise in Motion’, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage awakens the whole Being – body, mind, heart, and soul – to the loving Spirit of Aloha within. Deeply nurturing and enriching, if helps give understanding, meaning and purpose to life, enhances health, wellbeing, and happiness.

This traditional healing massage of ancient Hawaii is a visually beautiful style of massage. The Practitioner uses hands, forearms and bodyweight to create long, flowing, deeply connected, continuous strokes of varying rhythm and intensity that glide effortlessly over and under the body from head to toe, up and down and from side to side. Luxurious and sensory rich, it leaves a lasting impression of welcoming purity and goodness.

As this is an oil massage, clients are invited to remove all their clothing to be covered with a sarong. 


This style of massage was developed in an era when life was overflowing with the Spirit and Grace of Aloha, the Hawaiian word for unconditional, universal loving kindness. Hawaiians believed that everything in nature is sacred and interconnected and that life-affirming thoughts and actions respond in return with abundant healing and blessings.

A formal type of massage called Kahuna bodywork was performed in the ancient healing temples by Kahuna priests, who were revered as keepers of the esoteric knowledge of life – Huna Wisdom. 

The informal traditional style of massage was called Lomi Lomi and was given by family members to each other for relaxation, recuperation, and treatment of ailments. Each family group developed its own recognisable style.

Modern Hawaiian Massage has become a synthesis of Kahuna massage and Lomi Lomi. Sometimes also called Huna Massage because of its roots in the Huna Wisdom.

A rare opportunity to learn this re-discovered art, Hawaiian Massage has been hidden in the depths of Hawaiian culture for centuries. Inspired by the extraordinary knowledge of the Ancient Hawaiians of how to initiate meaningful communication with the intelligence of the body, mind and inner-self through the simplicity and profundity of touch, Hawaiian Massage brings to life the universal healing power of Aloha, known also as unconditional love.

The Benefits of Receiving Hawaiian Massage

Hawaiian Massage offers a host of wide ranging benefits across the whole spectrum of human well-being. Simultaneously encompassing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, clients feel deeply nourished, revitalized, relaxed, enriched and happy to be alive.

Hawaiian Massage simultaneously connects and revitalises body, mind, heart and soul with the healing power of Aloha. Working at the core of our Being, it calms, inspires, and empowers us to create the life we desire. Aloha nurtures us with abundant healing and blessings.

Benefits to the physical body:

  • Cleanses and detoxifies systems and organs
  • Deeply relaxes and calms
  • Brings harmony and balance
  • Energises and revitalises
  • Beautifies and improves posture
  • Activates sensory awareness of the flesh through to the bones

Benefits to the mind:

  • Quiets the mind, creating inner calm and clarity
  • Improves relationship with Self
  • Builds confidence, enthusiasm, and self-esteem
  • Opens the imagination to greater life possibilities

Benefits to the heart and soul:

  • Nurtures inner core
  • Restores wellbeing
  • Awakens aliveness
  • Connects with self-knowing and self-loving
  • Inspires hope


Hawaiian Massage Treatment is a sequence of sacred ceremonies designed to activate the dynamic healing forces of nature. These forces work together to address a client’s specific intentions for healing, as well as bestowing a host of additional welcomed benefits.

Treatments take place in a warm, safe and relaxing environment. 

 Treatment Options – 

Sessions of at least 90 minutes allow clients to receive the full benefits of this comprehensive massage treatment. Longer sessions augment and enhance these benefits. 

Regular Session: from 1.5 – 2 hours

  • Brief consultation to discover healing intention
  • Cleansing and healing of the aura and extended energy body
  • Hawaiian Massage session
  • Time for integration and feedback

Extended Session: from 3 – 5 hours

  • In-depth consultation for greater insight, understanding, and release
  • Cleansing and healing of the aura and extended energy body
  • Extra-long Hawaiian Massage session
  • Time for integration, feedback, review, and further treatment
  • A light nourishing refreshment