Is it right for you?

The aim of the Training Centre is to teach this Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage skill to the highest possible standard within the set period of each Training Option. 

The ideal student is keen to learn an empowering therapy that embraces humanity while deeply cherishing the high values of loving kindness and peace. Students come with an open mind to receive new learning that reinforces their passion for life as well as their trust in the goodness and greatness of life. 

Free from fixed ideas about Lomi Lomi or how this should be taught and with daily review and continuous new learning, students seamlessly develop into capable, confident, and independent professional practitioners.

This course is a unique style of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage specific to the Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre.

The primary focus of the Training is to teach new learners how to harness and release the profound feminine aspects of the spiritual principle of Aloha through the practice of massage. As this is not generally known or practiced by massage therapists, students are urged to fully adopt this new and often challenging system of massage as a unique learning experience. More than simply infusing a few Hawaiian techniques into an already known massage style, this stand-alone course is complete. Final Assessment of massage skills is based upon full acceptance of this style of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. Willing and enthusiastic students can easily attain Merit and Distinction levels of achievement.

Successful Graduates are awarded a Certificate of Achievement which bestows qualification as a Professional Practitioner of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage.