About the Tutor

Tutor – Rosalie Samet

Rosalie Samet is the UK’s leading Master Practitioner and Trainer of the sacred art of Hawaiian Massage. Bringing together the best of Lomi Lomi Massage and Kahuna Bodywork, she has created her own unique, compelling, and life-changing style of teaching.  Synthesizing ancient with modern, the Practitioner Training is an authentic, inspiring, and spiritual interpretation of traditional massage from Hawaii. 

Born in North America, Rosalie studied in Hawaii in 1990 with world renowned Kahuna Master of massage Abraham of Kawaii and Kahuna Master of Hawaiian shamanism Serge Kahili King and has been extensively practicing these crafts ever since. She is the founder of the Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre and is also the only trainer in the UK to have been continually offering Practitioner Trainings and Workshops since 1997.

A passionate teacher, visionary and leader in the field of personal and spiritual development, Rosalie is an untapped fountain of both eastern and western wisdom and knowledge. She is a deeply caring soul with a wealth of rare information and healing to share in this challenged and changing world. Students feel honored and grateful for the opportunity to receive the immeasurable personal benefits and professional skills gained from completing the Practitioner Training with Rosalie.

Medicine, healing, health and wellbeing have always been a formative part of Rosalie’s life having grown up in a medical family and having trained as a State Registered Nurse and Yoga teacher.

Rosalie is a member of the Massage Training Institute, the Complementary Therapist Association, the Federation of Holistic Therapists, and the Think Tree Hub.