Why 12 Days?

This stand-alone course is complete, rather than simply infusing a few Hawaiian techniques into an already known massage style, .

It takes time and application to appreciate the Hawaiian world view and how to move from the noisy, digital, fast modern world to the gracious, respectful, and peaceful world of the ancients takes time and application. To give a worthy Hawaiian Massage you’ll need to explore what it is like to think, feel, love, and move as an ancient Hawaiian.

The Hawaiians called upon the higher realms of Aloha Spirit, allowing time to go beyond the local – to the global – to encompass the cosmic. They also harnessed the power of nature with their own life force to create a sacred energy field for healing. Learning to energise in a similar way for the length of time required to give a full massage session requires sustained focus and concentration which is built upon each day.

The long flowing strokes take time to learn and assimilate as they are fundamentally different to all other massage styles. The extensive repertoire of unique strokes and each of their individual parts eventually, through repetition, builds into the ability to create the unique and appropriate improvisations that make each massage truly individual and magical. Even the body is held in a different way to maximise the effects of the strokes and minimise injury. Through learning good use of posture now, longevity and safety is maintained by the practitioner throughout their massage career. 

The 12 days also allow the process of self-discovery to unfold. The Hawaiian philosophy with its wider meaning, invites students to explore aspects of themselves for healing and development in the most unusually wonderful and profound ways.

Students accept the benefit of a joyful and optimistic attitude, connecting with themselves, fellow students, clients and life itself. This art of becoming and staying centred is the major step to reaping the enormous personal benefits of learning and giving Hawaiian Massage.

To an already experienced massage therapist twelve days of specialist training might seem excessive. However, the learning process was originally a life time dedication and we are taking years of knowledge and squeezing this into a few days that fly by all to quickly.

The goal of the Practitioner Training is to encourage the development of a truly sincere and committed person, willing to whole-heartedly embrace this demanding and precious journey to excellence.